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What is an Abod? 

Abod Homes are High-Concept Designs, lower in cost versus standard construction, compact and cost effective to deliver to anywhere in the world. An Abod Home can be assembled in one day as all essential components for the structure come with it.

The Abod is designed to reflect the catenary arch which is the most stable form in nature, combined with an Eco friendly A1 fire rating insulation, ensuring residents are kept cool in summer and warm in winter. Sliding windows allow for natural light, cross breeze ventilation and open loft spaces provide universally enjoyable comfort.

Abod Advantages 

  • Affordable
  • Built in a day
  • Safe and Secure
  • Balanced Load Bearing
  • Exceptional Weather Shielding
  • Fully Insulated
  • Low Fire Risk
  • Water and Wind Tight
  • Aluminium Doors and Windows
  • Easy to transport/ship
  • One House, One Family, One Day

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the uses for the Abod?
The Abod unit can serve a variety of structural needs including, Dormitories, Classrooms, Medical and Technology Centres and Shower and Ablution Facilities

How many people can realistically live comfortably in the Abod?
A family of 4 – 16 persons depending on the unit type

What type of foundation is used to build an Abod?
The Abod can be raised from the floor using concrete plinths, alternatively it can be fixed on top of a normal concrete foundation.

Where are they manufactured?
Johannesburg, South Africa

Do they have a energy power source capability?
If there is electricity on site, we can provide the necessary power requirements, alternatively we can mount solar panels to the structure in order to operate off the grid

Do they have a cooking facility?
Yes, we can include a small kitchenette depending on our client’s needs

Do they have toilet capabilities?
Yes, we can include a toilet and basin depending on our client’s needs